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Terry R

My best beauty secrets come from REAL beauty... I will not regurgitate info that you see on other beauty blogs.  I simply write my own beauty as another page in history.  Your REAL beauty can start today.  But if you need a starting point, why not Jan 1.  I know some people need starting points and that is okay...

First a couple of Secrets of mine -  no Botox and no BS!  Easy Beauty that you can do Everyday going forward - Classy & Clean Tips

Here are my 3 don'ts

1. Stress less

2.  eat less

3. drink less

My 4 Do, and most important!

4. Exercise more


Stress is the #1 killer known to man.  It creeps up on you and opens the door to disease.  How do you stress less??  Especially if you have job or money problems. Keep a resume always updated. Keep in close touch with your colleges that have left their jobs. Your job maybe coming to an end, but networking will take you to the beginning of a new f career.  Always keep your activities with people that are a good influence in your life. Stay connected with family. Yeah, I know - you have had your limit on seeing your family, but don't loose touch with them in 2017.  Birds of a feather flock together !

Okay, no whining !!  I did not say go "cold turkey" just put the Wild Turkey away in the liqueur cabinet and become a "special event drinker." too much drink gives "Jack" a beer belly, and gives Jill more wrinkles around her mouth as she sips from a tall cool one...NOT PRETTY!

Portion control - it is tough in the beginning especially over the holidays, start today.  Use a saucer dish instead of a dinner plate. Your stomach will shrink naturally. Give yourself too weeks and eating less will agree with you - I promise!  Keep your weight in check the entire year.

Add more activity to your routine. Take the steps, not the elevator.  Challenge yourself.  Doing vigorous housework to burn calories.  I clean very ferociously - since I hate cleaning but I find joy in burning a ton of calories!  Do a run chase with your Dog! Sally LOVES this activity and so do I !

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Making you Life More Beautiful  Secrets -  will be continued

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