Dogs Save Lives

Terry R

I have read so many posts and seen so many rescues during the apocalyptic Hurricanes.  Thousands of animals were left behind only to fend for themselves. ASPCA and so many other groups have rescued so many of these beloved pets. Bystanders jumping out of their cars into flood waters to save a dogs life. 

Dogs Save lives too.  That is what makes a dogs life so incredible.  A dog owner (pet) owners owe their lives to their dogs.  A dog will be with you through life's stormy weather and be right by your side. They go through what we go through. A companion for every step and every milestone in our lives. Some may say, A dog is the best love in their life. They are loyal and give unconditional love without asking for any returns. Well, maybe a mere scrap from your dinner will do, but that is not why your dog loves so much.  A great gift from GOD given to us so we won't have to "go it alone."   

Just the smell of my dogs fur makes me go a good way.  Waking up to my dog licking my face, starts the sunshine for the day, even if there are clouds in the mist. If I want to be lazy for the day, my dog is lazy with me. If I am having an athletic day, my dog is there for the Run!  The RUN of my life! My dog looks at me with love and caring, the way most humans can not.  

My dog saved my life. I owe it all to my dog!  Thank GOD 4 THE DOGS



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