ScentScope 2016

Terry Ruvo

Imagine identifying your astrological sign with a fragrance that scents the characteristics of sign you were born under....Prepare to be entertained, and smell good about it.

ARIES  The scent mixes heavy notes like amber and patchouli with natural companions including rum and leather.  LEATHER & LACE set has Bella Donna Blood note that is truly out of this world.  ANGEL Girl - silky  powdery Patchouli vanilla long lasting evoking the spirit scent. 





The Taurus loves to feel luxurious, so choosing a pricey scent is extra important.

 Tobacco Vanilla is totally worthwhile. Combining musk, white leather and cocoa bean together creates the fragrance equivalent of a silk tie.



With your eternal adolescent look, you avoid disturbing people with overly heavy fragrances. Therefore, you choose fresh toilet waters with citric components or a dominant of white flowers. You usually indulge in new products because you are not a fan of ancient creations. You think that they are difficult to wear and that they tend to go off. On the other hand, perfumes by contemporary fashion creators are meant for you. Men Check out our New Fragrance  ADONIS - Raspberry Patchouli 



You put your nose above a bottle, and all of a sudden, it is the memory of your mother, of a loved one, or of a precise moment of the past which comes to your mind. You are fond of gourmand smells, but also of flowery and woody ones such as moss or fern.  Violets, Plumb, Black Currant, Rose.  Woods, Spice, Red Saffron For MEN



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