Key Ways to Drive Business

Terry Ruvo

Dive In! 3 Keys 2 Stay Strong in Business

  EYE On GREEN MAGAZINE – CEO & Publisher answers some tough questions.

How to Hang-Tuff when the road gets Ruff.  Three abilities needed to stay solid in Business.

 I have received so many questions on Salons Going Green… Topics range from:What goods should I carry, to What type of staff should I hire.  All of which are excellent questions. To go further with giving my group on linkedIn a heads-up  on the industry, I always feel giving people knowledge and information is the best way to make a beauty to business connection. Thus, it is the best way to get people to change the industry for the better.   First, ask yourself these Top 3 questions:   Do you have Drive, Dedication and Determination to revise and change your current business plans?  These questions are most important for anyone that is in business, and wants to stay in business tomorrow.  If you’ve obtained one of the Big D’s,  then you are on the right track.   If  not, then please, don’t run in the race of business change. Change, is what it is all about. Exhausting and exhilarating…business is always changing.

Drive is the force that gets you out of bed in the morning. Drive is the “Fire in your Belly.”  Dedication and Determination are much harder to sustain….especially if you are going through rough times to get “your piece of the pie.” or how about “shearing off a bit from the top.” Yes, I am talking about money.  Money  being an ultimate compelling factor. But money should never be the only factor. With dedication you will make major sacrifices and by keeping yourself and others motivated you  will get   through the rough road ahead…just keep your eye on the “Big Picture” till the end.   I like keeping my EYE ON BEAUTY, as many know.  I am dedicated  to beauty, the business, consulting salons go green. 


That leads me to my next objective to consider for the Salon Going Green Business or any business of your dreams. To stay above the game – dive below.


Loyalty has been a problem forever. Clients change salons all the time, and so do their stylists. 

#1 motivator – get your staff involved in some decision making. Ask them for their input and feedback.  Surprisingly, this idea will keep your crew with you. Giving your staff credit for your success is more important than pay rate…people like to know that YOU care about their view (s). This gives confidence, respect and inspires them. It is a Quick Easy Fix!


Customer Loyalty - why should a customer stay loyal when your competition is giving 50% off on new clients? Or half price massages…?  Idea: Why not let the customer choose their next service at 50% off.  Give the customer choices….don’t make the rules, bend and customize packages per client needs.  If you are a full-service salon, there is a range of options that you can give your clients.  The goal is to keep your return customers, while getting new clients in the door!


Buying the Right Products and what to do if you buy the wrong ones!

First, when buying products (organics, green) don’t buy products that customers can purchase at the local drug store…don’t even carry the same products as other competing salons.  It stands to reason, if you are the only source carrying organics, then you are the only source that  your customers buy from.  DO NOT Buy the MLM routine…these companies make money from you by insisting that purchasing a minimal amount of product per month.  There are very small returns, with MLM if any...  Go with low start up packages, no sign-up fees, no monthly fees.  Go with an Organic Product…if it is not Organic…don’t buy it.  I recommend going with skincare that is unisex.  I am building a sales force with BlackBox cosmetics.  Anyone that is on my team will have lifetime visibility, consulting on the brand, advice and knowledge on building their own business.  It is easy to win the race if you have support from great leadership.  The kicker for me is…. helping others with their dream…especially, if it is green. See the BlackBox cosmetic packages here.  BlackBox 4 Men and Women   

If you have a new spa, BlackBox is essential for organic salons. Get "VuDu" -  Get on Box.  BlackBox 4 Men


Your Commitment:   No matter what you decided  your commitment is essential.  Stay focused on your Passion and Purpose always… Stay committed to product for 1 year to see results. Don’t ever give up – and you will beat the odds and stay in business!

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