Making Scents 4 Sally

Terry Ruvo

We have added a tab on the top of our home page menu for easy access to our organic canine aromatherapy products.  Aromatherapy is the latest therapy to help and treat your Dog owned environment.  

For years I have been working and blending fragrances that are non-toxic for frag-heads (perfume lovers) that want all the scent power without any unnatural additives.  I use the word "Natural" & "Organic" very loosely as I write - these words have been used to discredited and persuade the General Public to buy products that can be filled with toxins.  Let me say this before you read further into my article.  Everything you see at EYE ON BEAUTY is hand-blended by myself and myself only.  I use essentials oils and carrier oils as the base of all of  products.  They are completely safe to use on your dog as you can use them on yourself.  Can you have an allergic reaction? yes, but it is not likely.  Are the products the best when choosing a safe alternative for you and your Dog family? Absolutely... yes!  without a doubt!   

All about the Ingredients and NOT about FRONTLINE.   I recently shared an article about Frontline (popular know tic/flea repellent)  I will post it hear as well 

Frontline Plus uses like S-Methoprene, a strong pesticide that is, worryingly enough, used in farming. Permethrin (used in K9 Advantix) is well known to be poisonous to cats.  Both these chemicals interfere with the nervous system of the fleas and ticks and paralyze and kill them. Knowing this helps us understand how dogs can be getting seizures after using these products.

I am apposed to giving Sally this monthly prevention.  When my Vet pushes the Frontline sales pitch on me, I just say I use a natural prevention mix applying Geranium oil to her coat.   Sometimes, I get a warm smile and a "congrats" on how Geranium oils works great for preventing tics.  Although, other times, I get snubbed...?!?? .... so what, my dog is my life, and I love my dog just as much as I love my family, why not treat them with the same compassion and consideration?

More on this later....please don't get me started....I want to finish this article and get you back to stroking and loving your dog.

Here are 3 reasons to try aromatherapy.  

- sooth nervousness for separation anxiety.  Lavender /peppermint oils is best!

-  Coat Refresher - save on trips to the groomers, softens, just clean freshness  I use Orange oil

-  Tic/fleas are offended by the use of Geranium oil.  Apparently the hate the smell & sends them on the run!  However, you and your dog will love this scent it is Sally's Favorite!

Buy a small starter Kit for $15.00 

or go to  and sign up for more info on natural care for your dog



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