Skin & Alcohol

Terry Ruvo

Drinking alcohol reeks havoc on skin. Here are a couple of facts to be aware before you take another drink.


“All alcohol dehydrates the skin.” This means your skin will appear less plump and fresh the next morning.  Dry patches skin, wrinkles are more exaggerated.  So can you imagine what your skin will look like after binge drinking every weekend? 

Clear Shots (Vodka, Gin, Tequila)

What makes the skin effects of one alcoholic drink different from the next is what else is in the drink. That makes shots the best option, since there’s no extra sugar, salt or other harmful ingredients. “If you just have one shot of vodka or just a shot of tequila that you nurse,” Dr. Colbert said, “you’ll probably look OK the next day.” Dr. Jaliman added, “A shot of gin or rum would probably be the best.” However, keep in mind that some people who drink shots end up consuming more alcohol than they intended since it’s easy to lose track. And more alcohol is never better for your skin.

Mojitos & Other Sweet Mixed Drinks
The danger with drinks like mojitos is the sugar. “Sugar anywhere in the diet, along with other excessive carbs, leads to systemic inflammation, which contributes ultimately to cell damage and increased skin aging,” Dr. Krant said, “The less sugar you take in with your alcohol, the better for your long-term wrinkle risk.” But mojitos, not to mention drinks mixed with Coke, orange juice, Red Bull and other sweet drinks, are loaded with sugar. Sugar also causes acne by spiking your insulin levels, causing inflammation throughout the body.


Margaritas, particularly frozen margaritas made with mixes, also contain sugar. But these tequila-based drinks serve up a double whammy due to the salt. “The intake of any salt, no matter the source, does contribute to bloating,” explained Dr. Krant. “This is temporary, but no one likes to feel and look puffy on top of a hangover.”


Another drink with salt is beer, although it’s not dangerously high in sodium levels. “If you drink a lot of salt,” Dr. Colbert told us, “you’re going to get symptoms like swollen eyes and thirsty skin, and your body is telling you to drink more water to get rid of the salt.” On the other hand, beer has some redeeming qualities. “It does contain antioxidants and other antiaging benefits,” Dr. Krant said. Plus, ounce for ounce, Dr. Colbert reminded us, beer just has less alcohol in it than straight liquor.

 White Wine

White wine, like mixed cocktails and beer, contains sugar, in addition to some salt. Wine can lead to swollen skin and bloating, plus it makes you hungry, Dr. Colbert said. And sadly, white wine doesn’t contain the health benefits that red wine so famously does...

 Red Wine

Red wine, as we’ve often heard, can actually be good for you. “Red wine contains more antioxidants than white, which may help counteract some aging processes,” said Dr. Krant. “I would say the best single drink to have to support skin health and minimize aging risks is a glass of red wine.”

My advice - drinking in Moderation, such as Holidays Birthday ONLY

 Check out this video that I found!

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