Skin #Goals

Terry Ruvo


 Goal                                               Dual Players                                Payroll $
Smaller Pores    Salicyclic Acid use in  AM + Retinol  PM    Deep Wrinkle serums  $23-$80               
Clear Skin    Benzoyl Peroxide  + Soothing Botanicals       Skin Clearing creams $17-48
Less Shine      Tree Tea Oil + Red Clay                corrector Masks/Pore clarifying $26-55
Smooth dewy skin   Glycolic Acid + Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Brightening Peels/HA Serum $20-45
Even Skin Tone   Niacinamide Vit B +  Vit C   Perfecting Brighten treatments  $26-28
Less Puffy Eyes  Caffeine + Blackberry   Renewel defuffing Serums $20-39
De-Wrinkled/smooth Dewey skin/Brightening  Hyaluronic Acid (HA) +  Vitamin C   Face 360    $10  


 * FACE 360  is in clinical trials. This face serum is currently being used and tested by clients that are supporters of EYE ON BEAUTY.  We are receiving excellent reviews on FACE 360

We are perfecting the serum for our clients to use everyday.  If you would like to review FACE 360  Please write me at   A sample of FACE 360 will be added to your order.  

I look forward to speaking with you about your results. As for me, I have tried and tested many branded anti-aging skin creams. To no avail, I have seen little results.  Through my frustration and dealing with my own aging skin, and spending oodles of money, I created a cream that can be used day or night.  Under your foundation or wear alone.  I hope you will try our cream and I look forward to documenting your results as well.

Blessings,  Terry Ruvo CEO EYE ON BEAUTY


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