Subtle NO Stubble!

Terry Ruvo

Tags #shave
Not too long ago, I read an article about how much time men spend on their own pampering.  It is not so much about the time they spend doing their "own" pampering it's more about what products they buy to do their "pampering" with. Translation -  men want a high preforming product just as much as women do.  But they don't want to smell like "Iggy Azalea"  and...they don't want to spend more than 20 minutes in the shower. In fact, men spend 100x less hours than women do pampering and primping!  I mean after all, they are MEN!  So let's cut to the chase, or get it really close so we can move on to more important things...such as date-night or Skype night,,,whatever they call it these days.  A shave oil can get you "in and out" of the shower in no time.  A shave - leaving you with a smooth canvas, enhancing your skins texture for your up close and personal....anything you want day or night.  It's all about the shave!

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