SUICIDE Marketing Tactics

Terry Ruvo

Need to know who and what can help you in business.  I am Terry Ruvo CEO of a small fragrance company in Northern NJ, known as EYE ON BEAUTY.  What you may not know is that I am always looking for ways to save time and money when marketing my business.  In the past I have placed links on my own shop page to get traffic to my site. I have decided to ignite traffic to my site by carrying other links on my website page.  Somethings have changed with my strategy.  I will only take new start-ups that are trying to keep their businesses afloat. I prefer "green small business, people that are looking out for one another.  Hold a lot of integrity and value a life of goodness.  Thirdly, there can not be any conflict of interest.  Another words...If you are a start-up beauty company or perfume company, I can not post your link.  Although, if you are a small fashion company, that makes their own clothing, scarfs, lingerie, beach wear  - send me your link.  Same goes out to local barber shops and grooming supply shops. Furthermore, if you have a cause - "saving animals" such dogs or got any animal videos. Do you have a local shop /dog supplies that need more exposure? I will be happy to post the link. My company makes aromatherapy for dogs and we give 10% back to local rescues in NJ.

BUT THEN YOU HAVE TO - pay-it forward - post my shop link on your page. It's like getting traffic both ways.  Marketing & sales are a two-way street!  This is a plan that works! A Win-Win!

I am into analytics - how about you?  It is easy for me to tell what links are helping my business... Do you know how to see if you are getting shop hits to your page? (hits, no accidents)  Can you help others with this  question?  Please advise all of you gangsta eCommerce, marketing analytical types!   

Extreme measures call for suicide marketing tactics. Don't kill yourself over ads and recreate the wheel!   Please, if you want to add anymore suggestions on how you would like to grow your business with me at EYE ON BEAUTY , just Beep me!

Here is my site link - please look and visit and see what I am offering before you send your link for evaluation.  

Born to shop Naturally  EYE ON BEAUTY shop

blessings, to be the best you can be.


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