The ORGANIC vote

Terry Ruvo

What is the meaning of the "organic" vote and how it relates to small business? I can tell you that Donald Trump is looking for the Organic Vote for a landslide win on November 8. Who are organic voters? These voters are people that are voting for the first time and usually are not registered to vote. These people want to see change even if it means voting on issues that have to do with trust and values. In relation to organic business, these are people that want to see handmade, naturals placed back into products. These are also people that are the "silent" majority and bring about LOUD change. They fight for their rights. They give credit where credit is do. They are leaders and are not of the "status quo." The "organics" are the majority that help the small business thrive in the natural markets of today. They are very strong minded people and held steady by "grass roots" values. Back in 2010 I was shunned by the mass beauty markets that did not care about doing good for customers, only caring about filling their pockets, They did everything to silence me. I was told that "paraben" Free products don't work as well. The mainstream buyer doesn't care about chemicals in products, why should we. I have now debunked that theory and told it like it is! - and you can ask my un-silent majority of the valued organic client base. It's like the mainstream media that just wants to take money, lies to the beauty population and leaves their customers with empty jars of promises. Going back five years ago, organics were costly and only a minority of people were buying them....not any more. Since, the Organic majority has spoken for healthy products in the mainstream there is more competition to lower the prices! But at the End, going natural is the one value that I hold true to my world in beauty, and what my customers want. Thank you for helping me in the race for natural handmade beauty and voting for small business organics.

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