What I Smell about you....

Terry Ruvo

Do you you think that Donald's advisers thought about fragrance tonight before the big debate?  How about Hillary....As she passes through the doorways practicing her speech - do you think that her comrades want her to Stink up the hallways?   Hillary, listen up - I hope you contacted a professional perfumer for some sweet advice.  Hey Donald, before you splash on you your aftershave - make sure your bold  personality comes through..but don't get - out - of hand....please, leave it to a professional, not for an amateur at the perfume counter.  

Getting back to my profession as a natural fragrancer - I would advise both to choose something very subtle and yet the opposite of what the audience would expect. 

Hillary, we know you have "the smarts", but you come - off as cold, and hard.  I hope to God you do not wear anything that resembles "vics vapor rub" ... I mean let's throw off the GOP with something daring and soft.  I would suggest a fragrance with a little bit of rose, Vanilla, maybe some Blood Orange.  Not that the public wants to see blood during the debate.  Stay Solid and on point!  Orange will actually energize for 90 minutes.

Now, Donald, stay smooth as suede.  No arrogance - no back peddling.  A smooth smell of coffee and leather is subtle and won't blow the roof off Hofstra!  You have a Big personality and we like that, just keep it low key with a Bold ending!

 I will say it again, you all should have consulted EYE ON BEAUTY for the most natural scenting before tonight's big show... Do Call me before November and I will help you pour on the charm!



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