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We Value Everything we do.  Our products are made by Hand.  Our Skin is in the Game. We are about Quality. We only do business with select companies. We are not about mass manufacturing beauty. We are about giving back the Blue-print of what natural beauty is.  We are raising the bar and educating people about  commercial beauty. We do not use silicones, sulfates, alcohols, or parabens in our products. We conduct human skin testing. We do not and will not buy from sources that use animals to test cosmetics.  Our skin in the game and we have your back.

 What's in our products.  Essential Oils are natural concentrated essences derived from plants, bark, roots, seeds, stems, flowers, leaves, fruits, etc. and are usually steamed distilled. Fragrance Oils normally are made up of essential oils creating a fragrance that will smell like a flower, herb, plant or other fragrance. Usually the percentage of the essential oil used is as a fragrance is hugely mix with Almond or coconut oils.

We Use Premium grade oils for all of our fragrances enhanced with a silk base carrier oil. 

EYE ON BEAUTY is the proud owner of SIMPLE SALLY's Aromatherapy this is simply the best healthy alternative for your dog.  Benefits such as tic/flea prevention to a fresh coat by using aromatherapy sprays.  We have a site  for dog lovers!  SCENTED TAILS just launch and will have discount to clients that sign up!  go here to see more