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Fragrance Beauty Handmade Cruelty Free

We have been voted the #1 online site the best Eco-friendly online shop. We are a different niche company combining the healing of aromatherapy with natural perfumery.  We are a small home-grown based company. Our customers are animal lovers, people friendly, activists for a cleaner and safe world in cosmetics. Simple is our motto. No conveyor belt manufacturing! We are small & mighty - a company with a big heart.

We believe in making effective products from fresh, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. We invent our own products and fragrances. We make them fresh by hand using little or no preservative or packaging. We believe in buying ingredients only from companies that do not commission tests on animals and in testing our products on humans. Remember, just be a company has a Organic label on their products, does not mean they are "really" organic!  We advise our customers to read all labels on manufactured beauty.

We love animals. We have recently added the SIMPLE SALLY Dog Care Aromatherapy to our site. Essential oils have been blended into these holistic tick/flea sprays to guard your pet, grooming and massage.

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