Return Policy

All Eye on beauty products are handmade. Our products also have a shelf life (fragrance) 6 months. Since ingredients are made with  no preservatives, we do not accept returns, on perfumes or any of our accessories.  If you receive an item that is damaged, please call us and we will replace asap.


**our items are paraben, sulfate & cruelty free. we do not buy from vendors that harm animals, humans, or the environment. We do not buy outside of the USA. Allergic reactions are extremely rare with our oils. We recommend that you do not use our products on broken irritated skin, or skin that is sensitive and freshly shaved. (beard oil) Our products will not treat skin conditions of any kind. Please consult your physician for remedies.  Do not proceed to use our products.***

Dog Aromatherapy is relatively very new to the holistic world. We offer a safe alternative for dog grooming and tick/flea protection by using our Geranium spray. Please understand that you only need a little bit of oil to deter fleas/ticks. We recommend application into your hand and smoothing it over the dogs coat. Starting from shoulders - to rump then they extremity's (legs) Keep  spray away from dogs eyes. Dogs get aches and pains just like we do. Peppermint oil is wonderful for belly rubs. Our shampoo will provide a clean & fresh way of caring for your dog without using toxins such as Frontline or dog chews.  Always bring your dog for a yearly check-up with your vet.